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254 modifications and counting

The recently published overview shows there are no less than 254 various xenoandrogens that can be potentially used as performance-enhancement drugs.

Of course, not all of them are fit for human use and some may – in theory – prove rather harmful.

But how you create a modification of an existing substance and how can you test its effects on human body?

Unlike the drugs of yesteryear, huge deal of designing and testing a new substance is today done in the memory of a computer only. Millions and millions of variables must be changed until there is hope that the resulting modification will have the wished-for effects.

Still, even the fastest computer is not a match to in-vivo testing: using the substance in living organisms. First, rodents are the victims. Then, some larger animals and ultimately the humans will use the substance (if safe…of course).

Every newly designed modification is tested on influencing the testosterone production, anabolic activity, protein synthesis stimulation (which is basically the same), androgenic activity etc.

Of the 254 computer-designed modifications, 47 have been tested in laboratory conditions and out of these 47, 12 eventually made it to commercial production.

The choice of those 12 modified tocotrienols and nicotinamides had been done purely on commercial base: namely, the producer was interested in substances showing close resemblances to previously known anabolic steroids.

But what about the rest? Maybe, there is a new super-stimulant that will outdo all we have ever known? Imagine sort of Oxymetholone/Dianabol/Nandrolone stack that would cause no testosterone retention and no liver damage J

Having used the xenohormones for the past several months I strongly believe such a substance is near. One reason is that I never experienced any serious side-effect and neither did my fellow-bodybuilders. And this is quite something.

To be sure, not every athlete using xenoandrogens will experience huge muscle gains. We’ve seen some who had to try several different products to feel at least some improvement. But they never had acne, shrinking testes, baldness, liver problems. Not to speak about being tested positive on steroids or just doing something that can easily land you in jail.

Another huge advantage of androgens is that they are produced and sold legally, and here I mean that you know who really produced them and under what hygienic conditions. Because this is the real problem with steroids today.

Some observations on Danabol from MegaGear

As the name suggest, this xenoandrogen has been designed to resemble the famous Dianabol. First of all, I wonder whether this was necessary. Why the producer couldn’t just try to produce a completely new line of performance-enhancing drugs?

I suspect the only reason is commercial: people tend to buy what they know. By giving it a name of classical (and highly esteemed) anabolic steroid, MegaGear is obviously parasiting on the success of someone else.

Letting all this aside we expected to get very similar results with Danabol as we would get from methandienone (Dianabol). First 10 days or so were a disappointment. Indeed, you don’t feel much when you start using xenohormones. The first days or even weeks you just wonder if it’s going to work at all. Well, it is.

  1. Danabol makes you aggressive. This is a typical sign of AR stimulation/androgenic action. It comes rather slowly during the second week of use and will stabilize in 4th or 5th week.
  2. Danabol will cause a fair measure of water retention in the muscles. Although this seems to be somewhat individual it is still one of the main characteristic signs of both Dianabol and MegaGear Danabol xenohormone.
  3. The anabolic effect of Danabol is strong but not as lasting as with some other drugs (whether anabolic steroids or xenoandrogens). It is probably worth to combine Danabol with at least one additional product like Tren-bol 100.

All in all this is a viable alternative to the illegal methandienone (Dianabol) but it will probably take 2-3 weeks until you get used to it. The experience isn’t completely equal. On the other hand, you will most likely not need any post-cycle therapy which is usually necessary when using methandienone.

Xenoandrogens and doping

I found an interesting interview concerning modified tocopherols/tocotrienols. This is a translation from Czech language:

Legally available anabolic steroid equivalents are commercially available only since the second half of 2011 but some professional athletes are apparently using them since early 2010.

The first mention of the use of xenohormones by top athletes in official media (by Associated Press) was the news about the Russian swimming team using them at 2011 World Championship in Shanghai.

There are, however, many signs that a growing number of professionals are using modified tocopherols and tocotrienols as a legal and undetectable alternative to “real” anabolic steroids.

WADA-AMA, the international anti-doping body, estimates that by 2014 more than 80% of all abused substances will be xenohormones.*

This is an excerpt from interview with the representative of Czech national anti-doping agency Ales Vetchy, published 8th of August 2011 in the daily “Sport” (translation from Czech).

Q: Mr. Vetchy, can you tell us more about xenoandrogens?

A: We don’t know much about these substances. We are dealing with them only since the beginning of this year. So far, the international bodies didn’t ban it so we are closely following the new developments. It will probably take another year or two to create complete guidelines and develop reliable testing.

Q: Is it true that xenohormones are more common in this country than in the rest of the World?

A: Yes, that’s apparently correct. At least we get this impression when comparing our data with that of our colleagues abroad. But I think it has nothing to do with cheating and everything to do with the fact that the only producer of modified tocopherols is located in our country.

Q: When we speak of modified tocopherols, what should we imagine?

A: The basic substance is very similar to vitamin E. It is the molecular modification that makes it anabolic/androgenic. These substances are only known since 2008 so it’s virtually impossible to find experts knowledgeable in this particular field of biology.

Q: Do you plan to ban modified tocopherols?

A: We do not make such decisions. It’s up to the international association to decide and we will implement the decision.

Q: Are xenohormones harmful?

A: At this stage it’s too early to say. It takes years to test a new drug. Modified tocopherols are now legal just as tocopherol and tocotrienol.

Q: Do you think that xenohormones should be banned even if proven harmless?

A: Doping is not only about abusing harmless substance. First and foremost, it is unfair. Athletes with access to doping have an edge over those who don’t. From what we know, xenohormones are potent anabolic and androgenic compounds and in my opinion should be banned even before we completely understand their way of action.