Bodybuilding coach for the last 21 years, living in several European cities.

My obsession with xenoandrogens

First let me introduce myself. My name is Michael and I’m 42 years old full-time bodybuilding coach. I was mentor to several BB champions from continental Europe since 1990’s and you can imagine that I do know something on anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

As we all know, bodybuilding is a sport literally dependent on steroids. But in recent years the new anti-steroid laws made me and all my colleagues nothing short of a drug dealer. Yes, in my country – and in most other Western countries – there is not much of a difference today between the legal status of cocaine and, say, nandrolone or tren.

Well – I was looking for alternatives. Prohormones were a good solution for several years. Some guys didn’t respond to them but most did, although it sometimes took no less than 4-5 months to adjust the dosage and all. Then the EU criminal laws included prohormones and we had to begin from the scratch.

In March 2010 I met my relative who was at that time closely working with a team studying modified tocopherols/tocotrienols and their possible use in testosterone-replacement therapy. I became immediately interested and he managed to bring me some samples from the university lab.

So I guess I was among the first coaches in the World that had the privilege to experiment with xenoandrogens.This blog is about what I learned, and hopefully what I will learn in the future.

This is not a commercial blog and I don’t look for sponsors. I will never promote any commercial company so please do not contact me with advertisement – I will always be independent and critical.