254 modifications and counting

The recently published overview shows there are no less than 254 various xenoandrogens that can be potentially used as performance-enhancement drugs.

Of course, not all of them are fit for human use and some may – in theory – prove rather harmful.

But how you create a modification of an existing substance and how can you test its effects on human body?

Unlike the drugs of yesteryear, huge deal of designing and testing a new substance is today done in the memory of a computer only. Millions and millions of variables must be changed until there is hope that the resulting modification will have the wished-for effects.

Still, even the fastest computer is not a match to in-vivo testing: using the substance in living organisms. First, rodents are the victims. Then, some larger animals and ultimately the humans will use the substance (if safe…of course).

Every newly designed modification is tested on influencing the testosterone production, anabolic activity, protein synthesis stimulation (which is basically the same), androgenic activity etc.

Of the 254 computer-designed modifications, 47 have been tested in laboratory conditions and out of these 47, 12 eventually made it to commercial production.

The choice of those 12 modified tocotrienols and nicotinamides had been done purely on commercial base: namely, the producer was interested in substances showing close resemblances to previously known anabolic steroids.

But what about the rest? Maybe, there is a new super-stimulant that will outdo all we have ever known? Imagine sort of Oxymetholone/Dianabol/Nandrolone stack that would cause no testosterone retention and no liver damage J

Having used the xenohormones for the past several months I strongly believe such a substance is near. One reason is that I never experienced any serious side-effect and neither did my fellow-bodybuilders. And this is quite something.

To be sure, not every athlete using xenoandrogens will experience huge muscle gains. We’ve seen some who had to try several different products to feel at least some improvement. But they never had acne, shrinking testes, baldness, liver problems. Not to speak about being tested positive on steroids or just doing something that can easily land you in jail.

Another huge advantage of androgens is that they are produced and sold legally, and here I mean that you know who really produced them and under what hygienic conditions. Because this is the real problem with steroids today.

2 Responses to 254 modifications and counting

  • amanda87 says:

    Thanks for this article. I’ve read a lot on modified tocopherols and I have a question: is the number of modifications finite or can we expect some new ones. I mean, do you expect new products to be based on more testing on those 254 or they’re going to be based on completely new modifications?

  • Michael says:

    Hi amanda87. Actually, we can expect both: the existing modifications will definitely undergo some more testing. In the same time, the number of mods is virtually infinite. Their design is based on some computerized algorithm (don’t ask me about details, this is something just very few biologists and specialized programmers understand).

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