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The best Xenoandrogen stacks

In the last half year we learned much about Xenoandrogens: many different stacks have been tested, mistakes made, experience gained.

One thing is for sure: xenoandrogens are very powerful performance-enhancing supplements but they are not a silver bullet some have hoped for.

Why? Well, hard training is still necessary. More than that, a CLEVER training is extremely important. Just blindly pumping iron will not do. For some reason there are still people who believe that the more time they spend in the gym the better. Sorry, this is a big nonsense.

Second, PROPER DIET is absolutely necessary too. Not only proteins but magnesium, cholesterol and other components must be there if you really want to see the results.

Third, and I had to repeat this again and again to people using AAS (when they were legal) and now to guys using xenoandrogens: playing with your hormones is a sophisticated alchemy. And it comes with a price tag. Some of you may be lucky and feel no or little side-effects. Others may experience problems ranging from acne to depression. And last but not least – some AAS or xenoandrogens may not work with you.

This is something most athletes just don’t get. Please ask any doctor, read about any clinical trial: there is no 100% success in any existing drug/supplement. There is no such thing and definitely not in endocrinology.

Our hormonal set up is unique. It is always slightly different from the rest. Therefore you can hardly avoid certain experimentation. If you are not successful with one stack you will be most likely much better off with a different one. There is no one-size-fits-all thing here.

So the best stacks that we tried in our gym are:

1. Muscle growth/strength
Oral T-bol 3 tablets a day (1 in the morning, 1 with your lunch, 1 in the evening)
Boldo-bol 200 3 ml/week (we injected it in one shot)
Tren-enant 3 ml/week (injected)

2. Muscle growth/strength
Oral T-bol 3 tablets a day (1 in the morning, 1 with your lunch, 1 in the evening)
Testobol 3 ml/week (we injected it in one shot)
Primobol 3 ml/week (injected)

3. Muscle growth/strength
Danabol 4 tablets a day (1/2/1)
Deca 3 ml/week
Prop 1 ml/day (orally)

All stacks were used for 13 weeks, then 1 month regeneration. As all of us are bodybuilders we have no experience with endurance stacks (I presume Winny combined with Deca or Primobol). It will be interesting to test them.
The gains were in average 6 kg per cycle. Of course some guys that were on AAS before didn’t have such gains and more-or-less just kept the weight.

Using oral tablets only proved quite disappointing. For some reason I don’t fully grasp many people think that overdosing Danabol only will do the trick. Sorry, bros….I never saw good results with this approach.

I’ll be soon back with new reviews.

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