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Mixing xenoandrogens with prohormones: is MegaGear doing the right thing?

Although many top athletes are using xenoandrogen products from MegaGear these days, few actually realize that they consume potent prohormones in the same time. This may not be such a good idea.

It all started with a Turkish weightlifter being positively tested on Boldenone sooner this year. Deniz (I’m not going to publish his full name for obvious reasons) was on a mix of MegaGear products but not on illegal steroids. He was quite sure that the test has something to do with xenoandrogens he is using but was unable to prove it.

This sparked some debate on xenoandrogens: what good they are if – although legal – they can be confused with a common scheduled substance in the doping tests?

As it seems, the problem is somewhat more complex. The fact is that all oil-based products from MegaGear have more than one active substance. The xenohormone is always mixed with several prohormones (campesterol, beta-Sitosterol and stigmasterol) which are all precursors of boldenone. This means that if you sort of overdose you will have alfa-boldenone in your urine.

The problem with false positive boldenone tests are not new. In fact, there are several scientific studies trying to distinguish between boldenone use (which is illegal) and the use of precursors (which in the case of boldenone are common plant-derived steroids and just can’t be outlawed as they are also present in margarine etc.).

Personally, I like the action of boldenone undecylenate. Before the steroids were made illegal I considered it the best anabolic product on the marked: quite anabolic, with quality muscle mass increases, almost harmless when used in reasonable amounts and increasing appetite. Therefore, I like it as a “free bonus” that you get with every MegaGear injectable. But the strong case for xenoandrogens was that they can be used by professional athletes without being detected.

An average bodybuilder has no problem using anabolic steroids, this is a problem for those of us participating in official competitions. So if MegaGear is not good to be used by competitive bodybuilders, who’s gonna use it anyway?

To be fair, it can be very much a question of dosage and metabolism. I don’t know what doses Deniz used and I’m sure there are many other pro athletes using xenohormones by the same producer without problems. Still, this is something that must be considered by the company and by its clients too.