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Some observations on Danabol from MegaGear

As the name suggest, this xenoandrogen has been designed to resemble the famous Dianabol. First of all, I wonder whether this was necessary. Why the producer couldn’t just try to produce a completely new line of performance-enhancing drugs?

I suspect the only reason is commercial: people tend to buy what they know. By giving it a name of classical (and highly esteemed) anabolic steroid, MegaGear is obviously parasiting on the success of someone else.

Letting all this aside we expected to get very similar results with Danabol as we would get from methandienone (Dianabol). First 10 days or so were a disappointment. Indeed, you don’t feel much when you start using xenohormones. The first days or even weeks you just wonder if it’s going to work at all. Well, it is.

  1. Danabol makes you aggressive. This is a typical sign of AR stimulation/androgenic action. It comes rather slowly during the second week of use and will stabilize in 4th or 5th week.
  2. Danabol will cause a fair measure of water retention in the muscles. Although this seems to be somewhat individual it is still one of the main characteristic signs of both Dianabol and MegaGear Danabol xenohormone.
  3. The anabolic effect of Danabol is strong but not as lasting as with some other drugs (whether anabolic steroids or xenoandrogens). It is probably worth to combine Danabol with at least one additional product like Tren-bol 100.

All in all this is a viable alternative to the illegal methandienone (Dianabol) but it will probably take 2-3 weeks until you get used to it. The experience isn’t completely equal. On the other hand, you will most likely not need any post-cycle therapy which is usually necessary when using methandienone.

My first experiences with modified tocopherols/nicotinamides

It’s more than 2 months now since me and 4 selected bodybuilders have been using modified tocopherols and nicotinamides. We all made one first cycle to see if xenoandrogens are for real and here are my impressions:

1. Cycles with modified tocopherols/tocotrienols/nicotinamides must be longer than those with anabolic steroids. I still don’t know how long but my guess is at least 12 weeks. Except for one person, none of us felt the action during the first month of use.

2. Xenoandrogens, although marketed under similar names as anabolic steroids (and designed to be as similar as possible) are still different. A beginner might not feel the difference but I (bodybuilding coach since many years) did. Some differences are annoying (slower action, sometimes less pronounced effects) while others are welcome (definitely less testosterone inhibition to mention just one).

3. You will need some time to know the various xenoandrogens available. Not everything may work with you – in such case it’s good to test a different product. I personally had a weak response to oral products but very pronounced one with oils.

4. Although oily solutions are marketed as oral products they are apparently much stronger if injected. Please notice I do not suggest you inject them just as this is not meant to be an advice to anyone. I simply describe our own experience.

5. At this moment I see no need for anti-estrogens used along with modified tocopherols/nicotinamides. Of course it far too early to say after just one cycle.

6. Xenoandrogens definitely do have effect on muscle growth. All of us experienced significant gains that were previously observed with anabolic steroids only.

7. It’s too early to say if xenoandrogens are completely safe. So far we had no side-effects except for acne in 2 cases.

Hope this helps, I’ll be back with more experiences soon.